5 Easy & Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Healthy and Easy Smoothie Recipes to lose weight

Are you ready to kickstart your New Year with easy and healthy smoothies? If you said yes, you are in the right place! Starting your day off with a healthy and delicious smoothie can set you up for success in several ways, such as getting all the nutrients your body needs and lose weight if you watch your calorie intake. 

Smoothies are easy to make as long as you add the correct ingredients for optimal nutrition. There are 7 ingredients that you need to make a healthy and nutritious smoothie:

1. 1-2 scoops (reach for about 20 -25 grams) of protein powder – Help builds and maintains muscle mass and helps with weight loss by reducing your appetite and hunger levels.

2. 1 tablespoon of healthy fats (such as nut butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, or avocados) – Helps fuel your body with energy and supports cell growth. It also helps with absorbing nutrients, fat-soluble vitamins, and to produce important hormones. Avoid adding more than 1 tablespoon of nut butter as healthy fats still increase your total calorie intake. This is a good way to avoid self-sabotage. If your nut butter has additional ingredients besides nuts and salt, take a look at the ingredients and see how many calories it has per serving. You may need to add less or skip it if your goal is weight-loss.

3. 1-2 tablespoons of high-fiber (such as oats, chia seeds, or flaxseed) – Help feeds your gut microbiome and maintain regularity.  

4. 1/4-1/2 cup of fruit (such as berries, mango, bananas, apples, or carrots) – Adds vitamins and antioxidants to help your immune system. Avoid adding too much fruit as you want to regulate your blood sugar and keep the calories down (avoid too many natural sugars).  We recommend adding frozen fruit as they make your smoothie thick and cold.

5. 1 cup of Greens (such as spinach or kale, or sub 1 tablespoon of green powder) – Adds additional nutrients your body needs. This seems like a lot of greens, but it blends down nicely. Spinach is the easiest to add because it has a mild flavor. 

6. 1 cup of liquid (such as water, orange juice, or nut milk) – Our go-to is water as there are no calories, and it provides additional hydration. If you add orange juice or nut milk, add 1/2 cup of either orange juice or nut milk with 1/2 cup of water to reduce calories. Research even showed that water could help burn calories.  

7. Optional, 1-2 teaspoons of superfoods (such as manuka honey, maca powder, turmeric, matcha, spirulina, or acai) – Adds additional benefits to fuel your body throughout the day. 

To kickstart your New Year, we compiled 5 of our favorite smoothie recipes here for you. We recommend following our 7 main ingredients when building your smoothie. If you follow a recipe, make sure you are getting all the basic nutrients your body needs.  

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

This smoothie is like a healthy treat. It’s dairy-free and packed with tons of healthy greens.

A healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

2. Immune-Boosting Triple Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is fruity, refreshing, packed with vitamin C, and naturally sweet. It’s immune-boosting, rich in antioxidants, and keeps you full for hours, all while tasting berry-licious!

Immune-boosting smoothie for the winter days

3. Blueberry Almond Pie Smoothie

This smoothie is super creamy, nutritious, and insanely delicious! It’s perfect for a quick weekday breakfast or afternoon snack, or even dessert!

4. Matcha Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is very simple, packed with nutrients, easy to make, and energizing.  It keeps you full for hours, gives you energy, all while tasting delicious!  It’s so good and healthy!

healthy matcha smoothie

5. Turmeric Smoothie

This smoothie is very simple, refreshing, packed with vitamin C, slightly-zingy, and naturally sweet. It’s also immune-boosting, rich in antioxidants, and keeps you full for hours, all while tasting delicious!

A delicious golden milk smoothie

And that’s it, y’all! We hope this information was helpful for you and that you can kickstart your New Year on the right track with nutritious and delicious smoothies! 



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