About Eat. Love. Namaste.

Hi there!! ♥ I’m Tracey & I’m flattered that you stopped by Eat. Love. Namaste.

Tracey @ Love Namaste Vegan

There are 3 main sections to my website as called out in its name: Eat. Love. Namaste.

Under these sections, you will find healthy recipes, advice & tips, and occasionally stories.

EAT → In this section; I share healthy recipes that are simple and quick to make. I travel often; therefore, convenient and nutritious snacks and meals are a must! (Think, On-The-Go).

LOVE → In this section, I share advice & tips for loving yourself and others. Also in this section, I write about dating my partner who is a Surgeon and the challenges we face together. (Think, Lifestyle Stories).

NAMASTE → This section is still under development. Once launched, I will write stories about balancing and maintaining a healthy and fit life. (Think, Inspirational Stories).


10-facts about Tracey:

  1. My partner-in-crime is Jake, and he is a Surgeon.
  2. Jake and I started practicing a plant-based diet together in 2011 in order to live a healthier life. We still occasionally eat fish, eggs, and cheese.
  3. I use to do yoga every day until 3 years ago when I injured my shoulder. I am still recovering and hoping to do yoga again someday.
  4. Jake and I currently live in Danville, PA while he finishes his Fellowship Training; pretty much in the middle of nowhere can describe the area.
  5. We have a 17-year old Cocker Spaniel who’s still kicking, a 10-year old miniature schnauzer who loves to get into everything, and a 7-year old bangle cat who won’t stop eating.  We are on a waitlist to become Spynx’s parents and already have a name picked out.
  6. I enjoy visiting Wineries/Vineyards and drinking a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.
  7. My favorite part of blogging is photography, sharing stories, and connecting with others.
  8. I am currently writing my first book; to be shared soon!
  9. I enjoy gardening, and I dream of having a huge garden someday.
  10. Jake and I both want to get our pilot licenses.

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Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you come back soon! If you have any comments or want to say hello – send me an e-mail at Tracey@eatlovenamaste(dot)com or leave a comment on the recipes you try! If you make any of my recipes, take a picture and share it by tagging #eatlovenamaste!

Namaste, friends! ♥