by Tracey

Hey! My name is Tracey Gene, and thank you for stopping by Eat. Love. Namaste!

I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, Jake, and our 5 furbabies. I am passionate about living a well-balanced life by eating healthy and by creating movement every day. Since Jake is a Weight-Loss Surgeon, being able to move our bodies and eat wholesome meals every day is a priority to us. We both have busy jobs and trying to maintain a healthy weight as we get older can be challenging. Life throws so many curveballs, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to balance it all.

My goal is to share healthy routines while trying to create a balanced life with a positive mindset.

By creating a positive mindset around wholesome and nutritious food, learning to think about what’s in the ingredients and where your food comes from, and being mindful of what your body needs are a few of the topics I hope to share here.

Thank you so much for visiting Eat. Love. Namaste., I look forward to sharing good vibes and wholesome recipes with you!

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