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a place where you can connect with others, find healthy recipes and routines to live the life everyone deserves.

When I created Eat Love Namaste, I never wanted it to be another food blog. I wanted it to be a place where others could connect and find healthy recipes and routines to live the life everyone deserves. Throughout my 20s, I felt lost on what foods to eat, how to balance my self-care and relationships, how to maintain a healthy weight, and how to stay grounded and balanced. It was a turning point for me. I had no motivation, didn’t care what I ate, and didn’t put much thought into what I was doing, and that’s what scared me the most. I needed to take action before it was too late. I needed to take control of my life to live the life I deserved. That’s when I created Eat Love Namaste.

Eat Love Namaste focuses on three main categories:

  • EAT: healthy, simple, and delicious recipes
  • LOVE: self-care/love and relationships articles
  • NAMASTE: wellness, finding movement, spirituality, and personal growth articles

Articles related to these topics (minus the recipes) are on our Lifestyle page. I hope you find inspiration from my experiences to help you take control of your life, find balance to be your best self, and live the life you deserve.

Thank you so much for visiting Eat Love Namaste.


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The Real Life

These articles are about my relationship with my husband, Jake. Get ready for a big dose of realness!