Life as we know it

Tracey & Jake from Eat. Love. Namaste.

Hi, I’m Tracey, and this handsome, eye-catching guy next to me is Jake. He’s my partner in crime, who likes things simple and doesn’t have much time because he’s a surgeon.

In the medical world, most couples are in the same profession because their life is more there than anywhere else. We would have been an example of most relationships, but my career path took me down a different road. Most people I meet, including friends and family, often ask us how we make it work since dating a surgeon seems stressful (i.e., never home, I’m doing everything, etc.). I usually respond and say it’s ‘LOVE,’ but we both will open up and share our journey and how we are making it work. Starting Eat. Love. Namaste. is a huge part of who I am today. We hope our stories and tips help you and your significant other, whether they/you are in the medical field or need advice from someone who experienced all the bad and good in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Together, Jake and I shared our views of what our relationship was/is like during the three phases of his medical training, aka, life as we know it… During each phase, we shared our views, life as we know it (stories), and tips that made our relationship work.

If you ever need advice or want to chat cause you’re going crazy (yes, you are not alone cause we both have been there). Direct message us at tracey@eatlovenamaste(dot)com!

Disclaimer: Every relationship is different. These are our stories of how Jake and I make it work.