Weekend Getaway at the Getaway House – Cleveland Outpost Review

Getaway House - Cleveland Outpost Review

When was the last time you got away? Away from home? Away from all the crazy? Away from all the noise? Away from the kids and/or fur-babies? If you had to think, then it’s time for your next getaway!

We haven’t taken a relaxing trip in a while, so we looked up quiet and relaxing getaways near Cleveland and found The Getaway House in Lisbon, Ohio. It’s not the typical type of vacation we like to do, but with everything going on in the world with COVID, we thought we check it out. Plus, it seemed like the right place to go to disconnect, recharge, and relax. 

Getaway House - Cleveland Outpost

The drive was easy from Cleveland. It was about a 1.5-hour drive southeast of Cleveland, and upon arrival, we were awed by how the cabins were nestled in a woodsy area. 

The Gateway Cabins are not only in Ohio. They have other locations too, near big cities in the US:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin/San Antonio
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Pittsburgh/Cleveland
  • Portland
  • Washington DC

The address that we punched into our GPS also wasn’t spot on. Thankfully it was light out, and we were able to see the entrance sign around the corner. The driveway reminded me of a campground. The cabins were spaced out like a campground, and each one had its own firepit, two chairs, and a picnic table.  I couldn’t wait to unpack and unwind by a cozy fire.

The cabins are relatively close to each other, so you could see your neighbors here and there when you are outside. It was spacious enough for us for that needed privacy and quietness.

Looking out the Getaway House Window

The inside was perfect. Even though the cabin itself has a small footprint, the inside felt surprisingly spacious. There was a queen bed next to a panoramic window facing trees, a small kitchenette that had everything you need, a small two-person table, storage for your luggage, and a full-size bathroom.  The window was the best part of the cabin. Guiltily, we spent almost our entire day in bed. Sorry, not sorry feels, because it was relaxing. 

Getaway House Trail

Below are a few pros/cons and some tips we recommend if you plan to book a night at the Getaway House.

  • The cabin has a beautiful big window next to the bed that allows you to enjoy nature all day long. We loved this. After you turn off all the lights at night, you will see the stars or possibly the moon. 
  • The bed was comfortable. Our cabin came with 4 comfortable pillows and one duvet that felt like you were laying on clouds. Bring a blanket with you if you get cold and need extra warmth throughout the day. 
  • The kitchenette had all the amenities we needed for our stay. The cabins have a two-burner hot plate, a small fridge, a kettle, 1 pot and pan, utensils, plates, mugs, bowls, and cups. They also are stocked with salt and pepper and olive oil. If you are planning on making food there, plan on what you will need to bring.
  • They also have tea bags and pour-over coffee bags, but they are not complimentary! This actually took us by surprise that the coffee and tea would not be complimentary. While the price per bag was $1.50, it’s still disappointing. They do not have a coffee pot because they have the kettle and the pour-over coffee bags, so definitely plan on this, or enjoy their coffee and tea for an extra cost. The coffee they have was delicious for us, but if you prefer decaf, then you will need to plan to bring your own as they didn’t have decaf coffee available in the cabin. 
  • They had a great radio that had Bluetooth connectivity. We enjoyed this because we could listen to music or stream an audiobook, and the sound was perfect. We even noticed that when the volume was on high, we could not hear it when we were outside, which is great because you wouldn’t disturb your neighbors. 
  • The bathroom was fully equipped with towels, extra toilet paper, eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. The shower was also spacious, and we didn’t feel cramped inside it, which was a win-win, in my opinion. The bathroom also had its own fan and window. The only thing the bathroom did not have was a sink and mirror. We had to brush our teeth and wash our face in the kitchen sink. We didn’t mind not having a mirror, but you will need to plan if you need a mirror, especially if you don’t like using your phone. 
  • They had a 1-mile trail on their property which was nestled in the woods away from all the cabins. It was slightly muddy and chilly when we went, but it didn’t stop us from getting some movement in. The air was very clean too, which was really nice since we live in the city and don’t get that fresh clean air all the time. 
  • If you want to bring your dog with you, they charge you a pet fee. The cabins have a water bowl for your pup, and outside, they have a long leash attached to the table.
  • There were two chairs outside and a nice size firepit.  They also have a bin filled with logs and starter wood. The wood is not complimentary, which is typical at most campgrounds, so it didn’t bother us. They did provide us with a s’mores kit as a complimentary welcome. It was a cute and thoughtful welcome gift, and we didn’t let the s’mores go to waste. 
The Getaway House Campfire

We really enjoyed our stay at The Getaway House at their Cleveland/Pittsburgh location. It was the perfect place to stay, and we felt safe. It also was clean and cozy. We definitely will be back, or at least check out their other nearby locations in the future! 

If you have been itching to stay at the Getaway house or now want to, feel free to use my referral link for $25 off towards your first booking with the Getaway House.  – Tracey

The Getaway Julius house


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