The Adventures That Lie Ahead

It’s been a while since I opened up my laptop, went straight to my blog, and created something worthy of sharing. Before going radio-silent for a few months (minus the few sporadic posts here and there), I shared a huge piece of my life with the world. The life of dating a doctor (in my case, a Surgeon).

These stories are extremely personal, and everyone has a different point of view and perspective when it comes to “relationships.” My life of dating a Surgeon isn’t as easy as everyone thinks it might be. We struggled a ton. While I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of that now, I will at some point.

When I started this space here, my intentions were not only to share recipes.  I plan on adjusting my site’s content by sharing personal stories along with recipes. I am starting to be more open and write about the topics I often get asked about online and IRL.

These will be raw, real, and honest stories without limitations. I also hope they benefit others who are searching for advice and tips or serve as a “good read.”

xx – Tracey

In August 2018 – Jake and I visited Alaska, and these photos are some of the most captivating of our trip.  We have never seen such a beautiful sunset then what we experienced in Anchorage, Alaska. The trail was filled with locals and tourists to witness the beautiful scenery.

Scenery: Point Woronzof (Coastal Trail), Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Sunset

Arrival – Before the Sunset. 

Alaska Sunset

The sun is glowing brightly as we approach our seats for the final countdown to sunset.

Point Woronzof (Coastal Trail), Anchorage, AK

Moments before sunset. The sky is starting to glow more orange, a calming scenery.

Point Woronzof (Coastal Trail), Anchorage, AK

Sunset Beauty.

Point Woronzof (Coastal Trail), Anchorage, AK

Departure: The skies are glowing as dusk settles in.


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