by Tracey

Are you and/or your partner starting a Residency Program and curious to know what it's really like on your relationship? We share various topics that most couples go through during this times with 'real as it gets' stories and tips!

Jake and I were together throughout his entire residency, which was 5-years long. During these 5-years, we both grew independently and as a couple. Not every day was sunshine and rainbows. Some days to even weeks were stressful and irritating, that could have resulted in a break-up.

Jake and I both described each of the following topics through our eyes, shared stories, and provided tips on how we made it work:

Not Matching

Prelim VS Categorical


Long-Distance Relationships

Never Home

I’m Doing Everything

The Cell Phone 24/7


Never Getting Ahead (coming soon)



Moonlighting (coming soon)

Holidays & Vacations (coming soon)

Always Working (coming soon)

The Arguments

Graduation, Now What?


REAL AS IT GETS – Jake’s graduation; a happy milestone.

Jake & Tracey from Eat Love Namaste

Disclaimer: Depending on the physician your partner wants to be, you might not experience all of the same situations as discussed in the topics above. Jake completed his residency in general surgery; therefore, the length of his training was longer and more intense than most programs. 

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