Not Matching into Residency

What If My Partner did not match

“The Scramble,” aka The SOAP (Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program) – Starts 1-hour after Medical Students find out if they matched into a Residency Program and will end on Friday.  The SOAP is a second chance at securing a position.

Resources to secure other positions outside the “The SOAP”:

Spouse Tip: During this time, offer tons of support to your partner and do the little things without asking. They will appreciate your calmness and composer during this time.

Jake’s View: Afer the “The Scramble” and things did not work out, note that not matching will not make or break your career; it’s only a little set back that makes you work harder. Options exist if you don’t match, and one of those options is to go into a Research Fellowship. Doing this helps build the resume, plus it allows you to make connections with established physicians within specialties. It won’t be easy because research takes a lot of time and hard work. You’ll be reviewing tons of data, writing multiple papers, and doing all the administrative work. Take this time as an opportunity to learn and grow your writing skills.


We know multiple great, bright, and intelligent doctors who did not match into a Residency Program the first and second time of applying. It surely brought them down, but in the end, everything worked out, and they got accepted to their specialty of choice!

Tip: Be supportive to your partner who is applying to Residency. Don’t think of it as rejection; there are 45,000 well-trained medical students applying for only 31,000 residency positions according to the National Residency Matching Program. If your partner doesn’t get accepted, it’s now more important than ever to be supportive and stay positive. In the end, it’s your support that will make the difference in whether things will turn out the way it should.

If you are the one who didn’t match, do not take it out on your partner; use this time to talk about your stress and the uncertainty about the future together. Topics to explore to discuss if another year goes by without matching: figure out finances (moving, student-loans, marriage, children, etc.) and what other options there are that could secure a residency position.


Do you have any questions about ‘Not Matching,” or do you need support during this time?

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