Kitchen Tools to have after Bariatric Surgery

Kitchen Tools

The way you prep and cook homemade meals will change after weight-loss surgery. Therefore, it’s important to set yourself up for success, so we created a list of 10 kitchen tools you should have to make things easier.

1. Blender

Immediately after surgery, you will be on a liquid and puréed diet for about 2-4 weeks. Therefore, a blender is an important tool to have in your kitchen to help create nutritious smoothies and purées.

We recommend purchasing a good quality blender like a Vitamix, a Ninja, a Kitchen Aid Blender, or a Blendtec. Other blenders may not blend ingredients up very well, and it may be harder to drink. A Blender is an investment, so we recommend reviewing reviews before purchasing one.

Check out some of favorite smoothie recipes:

2. Food Scale

Measuring your food will be essential to ensure you are getting your minimal recommended nutrients from protein, vegetables, and fruit at each meal and every day.

Learn how to measure your food using a food scale from breakfast to dinner with real examples — here.

3. Measuring Cups

The most basic way to start measuring your nutrient intake. i.e., chopped hard to liquids. A simple way of track your required servings.

4. Water Bottle

A Water Bottle is one of the most important thing to have before and after surgery. Your number one goal every day will be to get enough fluids to prevent dehydration. This can help you stay hydrated and full of energy, decrease your hungry, and something you know you are doing beneficial to your body.

We like to use our Hidrate Spark Water Bottle because when life gets busy, we can easily forget to drink water. But with the Hidrate Spark Water Bottle, we don’t have to worry because it lights up when it’s time to drink water. Plus, it measures how much water you drink each day to help you reach your target goal of 60 ounces of water per day.

5. Baby-sized Food Containers

It may sound weird or be embarrassing to think you need baby-sized food containers, but honestly, it’s so helpful. We even use these to pack snacks for when we are traveling or for work. These containers are also helpful with teaching your brain and your body how much you should be eating at each serving. This will also reinforce the importance of nutrients first in small meal portions.

6. Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers are super helpful when you are prepping your meals when you are on the go or for the week.

They are also used as another visual trick for stopping you from overeating.

7. Instant Pot

The importance of soft foods cannot be underestimated. You will want to eat soft foods that are easy to chew for the rest of your life, or it will cause abdominal pain and discomfort if you are eating hard foods.

An Instant Pot is also beneficial when meal planning and making meals in a short amount of time.

Check out some of Instant Pot recipes:

8. Slow Cooker

Another useful tool to have when making soft foods or nutritious meals when you have a busy day.

Check out some of slow cooker recipes:

9. Freezer-Friendly Containers

A great way to save uneaten meals and reduce waste. Also great for the portion sizes that are readily available to eat when you are on the go.

We love using Souper Cubes when we make a big batch of soup, sauce, or broth to save for future meals.

10. Air Fryer

An Air Fryer is a great way to reduce grease and fat while providing good texture for your foods.

Let us know if you have any questions about these items or any other kitchen tools that would be helpful after your Weight Loss Surgery. – Jake & Tracey


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