The Better Bari Life

The Better Bari Life section of Eat Love Namaste is where you can find bariatric-friendly recipes, meal plans, wellness advice, and other advice and tips to help others with their weight-loss journey.


The Better Bari Life

Meet Jake & Tracey, husband and wife duo who approach healthy from two different perspectives. Jake is a Bariatric, Weight Loss Surgeon, and Tracey is a Weight Loss Health Coach. Together, they created The Better Bari Life to help others maintain their health and weight in a healthy range. The Better Bari Life will cover all aspects of weight loss surgery, including exploring the options that exist, bariatric-friendly recipes, tips and advice, and how to live well with weight loss surgery.

The vision for ‘The Better Bari Life’ is to create a single resource for anyone looking for straightforward, simple, and accurate information about weight-loss surgery. The Better Bari Life is the place to go for those exploring surgery options, those that have had surgery, as well as friends, families, and even medical professionals who are looking for additional tips and recommendations that they can share with their patients.

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